About Us

Here at Little Boy Chic, boys are special to us. Ourselves parents of boys, we celebrate their individuality, their interminable imagination, their endless amount of energy, and their insatiable appetite for all things fun and play. We believe Chic should be accessible to boys too! And we believe that as busy as parents of boy/s tend to be, they should not be sent around driving from store to store just to find one uniquely stylish piece of clothing.

In the items we select for you here at Little Boy Chic, you can be assured that we think about style, longevity, quality, comfort in each and every piece we carry. From our lines of organic cotton pajamas to our bamboo undies and everything in between, we obsess over both form and function and the balance between the two. And then there is the extra added care we put on top, just to make sure each piece is “special”, that unquantifiable, indescribable ‘chic’ factor that your boy will wear in pride.

The Little Boy Chic commitment to the individuality of boys is an extension of our personal values. As the parents of three young boys ourselves, we encourage our sons to find and nurture their defining qualities. Finding clothing that is as unique and individual as the boys in our lives, reinforces our commitment to their self-expression. Since its inception, fifteen years ago, this value and this commitment has been a part of Little Boy Chic's DNA - making it one of the most established boutiques online today catering just to your boys, our boys, and chic boys everywhere!

Welcome and please come again, we'd love to be your favorite online boutique for the chic little boy(s)in your life. Bookmark us, drop us an EMAIL or visit our FACEBOOK page and let us know your thoughts.

Happy shopping!

Miriam & Dedde
Little Boy Chic