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Mini Shatsu

A line of life-inspired clothing brought down to size to fit the most prized members of your family, Mini Shatsu is produced in limited quantity. Shatsu is a Japanese word meaning Shirt.

Mini Shatsu, Plaid Leather Biker Vest 2fer Romper in White
Mini Shatsu, Plaid Leather Biker Vest 2fer T-Shirt in White
Mini Shatsu, Red Bowtie & Suspender Button Down Shirt in Blue
Mini Shatsu, Vintage Denim 2fer Vest Hoodie
Mini Shatsu, Striped Harem Sweat Pants in Black & White
Mini Shatsu, Terry Sweat Pants in Grey
Mini Shatsu, Once Upon A Time Romper in Blue
Mini Shatsu, Vinyl DJ Romper in Gold
Mini Shatsu, Marker Henley T-Shirt in Grey
Mini Shatsu, Marker Suspender Pants in Grey
Mini Shatsu, Smarty Pants Spatter in Grey
Mini Shatsu, Hammerhead Shark T-Shirt in Blue
Mini Shatsu, Tropical Toucan T-Shirt in Grey
Mini Shatsu, Lightning Speed T-Shirt in Brown
Mini Shatsu, Sidecar T-Shirt in Multicoloured
Mini Shatsu, Vintage Train T-Shirt in Red
Mini Shatsu, City Monster T-Shirt in Gold
Mini Shatsu, Pots & Pans Band T-Shirt in Blue
Mini Shatsu, S/S Havana Summer Bowtie Shirt in Grey
Mini Shatsu, Tropical Forest Bowtie Shirt in Blue
Mini Shatsu, Wave Shorts in Blue
Mini Shatsu, Tropical Forest Suspenders Shorts in Green
Mini Shatsu, Lightning Speed Stripe Shorts in Brown
Mini Shatsu, Tweed Herringbone Suspender Pants in Multicolored
Mini Shatsu, Rock Graffiti Sweatpants in Black
Mini Shatsu, Paint Splatter 2fer Pants in Grey
Mini Shatsu, Black Tie Paint Splatter Shirt in Multicolored
Mini Shatsu, Bat and Robin Raglan Tee
Mini Shatsu, Stripe Warm Up Quilted Sweatpants
Mini Shatsu, Herringbone Tweed Pants
Mini Shatsu, Speedster Slim Fit French Terry Jeans
Mini Shatsu, Aloha Suspenders Polo (c)
Mini Shatsu, Two-Face Cotton Velour Pants (c)
Mini Shatsu, Quilted Checker Pants (c)
Mini Shatsu, Classic Black Vest Buttoned Shirt (c)
Mini Shatsu, Hint of Camouflage Wool Blend Blazer (c)
Mini Shatsu, Plaid Pencil Pants (c)

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